Bookmaker Insider Tips Record : June 2016

Date Match Tips Handicaps Score Verdict
30-06-16 Poland vs Portugal Poland +0,0.5 1-1 WIN
28-06-16 Nautico Capibaribe vs Luverdense Nautico Capibaribe -0.5,1 1-0 WIN
27-06-16 Spain vs Italy Italy +0,0.5 0-2 WIN
26-06-16 France vs Republic of Ireland France -1 2-1 Draw
25-06-16 Poland vs Switzerland Poland -0 1-1 Draw
24-06-16 Vikingur Reykjavik vs Vikingur Olafsvik Vikingur Reykjavik -0.5,1 2-0 WIN
22-06-16 Colombia vs Chile Chile -0,0.5 0-2 WIN
14-06-16 Argentina vs Bolivia Argentina -2,2.5 3-0 WIN
12-06-16 Croatia vs Turkey Turkey +0,0.5 1-0 Lose
11-06-16 Colombia vs Costa Rica Costa Rica +0.5,1 2-3 WIN
09-06-16 Mexico vs Jamaica Mexico -1.5 2-0 WIN
07-06-16 USA vs Costa Rica USA -0.5 4-0 WIN
05-06-16 Uruguay vs Mexico Mexico -0,0.5 1-3 WIN
04-06-16 Austria vs Netherlands Austria -0 0-2 WIN
03-06-16 Switzerland vs Moldova Switzerland -1.5,2 3-2 Lose
01-06-16 Mexico vs Chile Mexico -0 1-0 WIN

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